About Us

123 Grow With Me Learning Center LLC. is ...

Your number one family friendly center providing both families and their children with resources to enhance both their early childhood education and development.

​With us your child is part of a family where they will be encouraged to learn create and discover. We work to enrich children's lives through quality education and dedicated families and staff.

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Our Mission ...

At 123 Grow With Me Learning Center, we are dedicated to the mission of enriching children's lives through quality education and dedicated families and staff.


Our commitment is to provide a home-like center where your child will receive quality care while being encouraged to learn, create, and discover new experiences.

Our Philosophy ...

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to discover, explore, learn, and express their curiosity by taking advantage of every "teachable moment". By exploring materials and sharing experiences, children will make discoveries that will give them knowledge, awareness, and new skills. We believe that children should have the opportunities to share their ideas and listen to others, to resolve conflicts, and to develop compassion. Through their interactions with others, children will learn trust and confidence.

We believe that family members are the most important people in children's lives. Our program and staff supports and encourages those relationships. We strive to work together with families as partners for the benefit of each child, while bringing knowledge of how children develop and learn. The family brings intimate knowledge of each child and home. Together we can create an environment in which children are balanced between both.

We believe that teachers and all center staff play a critical role in the development and implementation of our child developmetn program. We believe that quality is built on indivudal and group interactions between adults and children and the facilition of collaborative explorations and projects in a richly equipped environment. We strive to create a supportive, trusting environment in which staff members are respected for their ideas and their unique program contributions. We believe in the importance of providing and supporting and continued staff development, growth opportunities, and invluding staff in decisions that directly affect them.

Together with our mission, philosophy, and our parents, children, and staff, we can watch each child grow to their fullest potential.

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